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The Banner Maker's Companion

The Banner Maker's Companion
Are you looking for ideas for making church banners?

Are you starting a
Banner Ministry?

Need help in laying out
your fabric banner?

Can't decide what fabric
or colors to use?

Then You Are Going to LOVE

It's FINALLY Here!

The ONE booklet EVERY Banner Maker NEEDS!

The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION: Dozens of Ideas and Tips For Creating Praise & Worship Banners is an all-in-one resource of inspiring ideas and all the important tips and "rules-of-thumb" for designing and making praise and worship banners. If you ever wanted to make a worship banner but didn't know where to start, this e-booklet is exactly what you need, and you can download it immediately!.

With over 15 pages of tips and ideas, The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION is truly a banner maker's companion! You'll find dozens of church banner title and phrase ideas, theme ideas, Christian symbols, design layout and lettering tips, the meaning of colors in worship banners and more! Learn how to arrange letters, words and objects. See what colors work together for the effect you want to achieve. All this conveniently compiled into one convenient, time-saving resource that is sure to inspire you to create your next banner!

"Thanks for the download of The Banner Maker's Companion. It is a well done basics book which will get good use in our banner ministry at church." ~Kathleen (A real quote from a real customer.)

Are you ready for the best part?!

You're probably thinking, "I want this booklet, but how much does it cost?" Well, here's the best part, and you're not going to believe it!

I put together The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION for YOUR benefit and have purposefully priced it to be affordable for everyone. I believe its value far exceeds its low price of. . . only $4.99! And, that's not all!


Now, The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION includes a FREE, complete 5 inch alphabet e-pattern for your convenience. Print the alphabet pattern and use it as often as you wish. This handy e-pattern alone is worth the LOW price of The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION, but is included for FREE as my "thank you" for purchasing this helpful e-booklet. Below is a view of the font used in the alphabet pattern.

Banner Templates(more font styles are available here)

With a low price of only $4.99, this e-booklet is selling like crazy! Order your copy of The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION today to take advantage of this low price.

"Thank you, this is just awesome. May God bless you and your ministry! I hope I am able wear it out from using it in our church here!" ~Pam (Another real quote from a real customer.)

How To Order

Order your own copy of The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button below. When you've completed the checkout process, you will be able to download your copy of The BANNER MAKER'S COMPANION immediately. If you opt to use an e-check instead of a credit or debit card during the checkout process, the e-check will need to clear the bank before you will get the download link. This booklet must be purchased online and cannot be purchased by phone.

Please Note: this e-booklet is in PDF format. You must have Acrobat Reader installed in order to view and print it. Most computers already have it installed. To see if it's installed on yours, click this link. If your browser gives you a choice between "Open" and "Save File", choose "Open". Adobe Acrobat Reader should start and you should see the document displayed on your screen. If it doesn't, click on the button below to download the Free Acrobat Reader.


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